Happy new year!

[ADMIN] doommetal mo posted Dec 31, 18

Happy new year to all fellow rebels.

This upcoming new year will hold lots for our community.
We are planning classes for basic skills such as: Urban and Rural tactics, Radio procedure and lingo and how to fly. Of course none of these lessons with be mandatory, you can attend all of them or none. We are also going to see the return of our higher highers from their long deserved time off.

All three of the event storylines will continue in this new year with Brother Urse, Brother Smallevis and Comrade Mocksybren.

The mod set might face some small changes. In correlation to any changes to server mods the mod list will be updated.

If you have any mods you want to run that doesn't work at this time you can suggest them here.

The Server information is as follows IP: Port: 2302

Teamspeak 3 IP:

Big thanks to the guys at ArmaHosts.com for fueling this rebellion and helping us get over some rough road. We are glad to have them by our side for this rebellion.
To all commrades in arms fighting our enemy, the admin staff wishes you luck and good fortune in your enderverse.