We are happy to say that the new server is up and running,

it has twice the ram and a new CPU.

The mod list has changed to implament Zeus and ACE medical.

You can find the mods here in the steam workshop.

If you have any problems with the modlist contact a admin for help.

Some client side mods that are not on this list might not work.

If you have any mods that you want on the official list,

please say so on the forums, in the suggestion section here.

The Server information is as follows IP: Port: 2302

Teamspeak 3 IP:

Huge thanks to our brothers at for backing us

in our prosecute to free our island nation from the Russian and American dogs.

To all antisasti rebels on behalf of the admin staff,

keep fighting these invaders of our homeland!

Find a bug ? here is the link to report those

Teamspeak Server
Status updated 3 mins ago
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