Friends, comrades-in-arms, brothers! Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła!

The fascist scum is faltering before the advancing Red Army to the East and the allied front to the West, but if we wait too long the Russians will get here first and "liberate us" and occupy our lands just as the Nazis did. Things are stirring in Warsaw and the locals tell us of a great uprising. Scouts have even made direct contact with allied armored divisions. Like our brethren in the capital, we also must do our part. If we are to ensure a future for our great nation of Poland in these uncertain times, we must push back the Germans from this region ourselves and prepare to greet the communists with cannon-fire.

The Polish Underground State will sanction any acts of war against the German state, the rest is up to you, the people of our proud country.

Bóg, Honor, Ojczyzna


One of the more commonly asked questions 'round here is "can this be ported to Iron Front?", and the is answer is "Oh Yeah!". I know some 3rd party versions were seen floating about (and we encourage those, we also accept PRs on github!) but this is an official version, by Barbolani, and supported by this community. As I write this we still have some kinks to iron out, but the plan is to go live with it either tomorrow or Saturday on US1.

Along with this port comes some pretty major changes, including the ability to change a core mechanic a lot of people missed: fighting a 1v1 war against an enemy of your choice. If you want the classic Anstistasi experience, but with the new and improved core code, just get the BluFor version of the mission, start a new campaign and select a 1v1 against OpFor!

A brief note on events, in the past month they haven't had the same level of organzation, and frankly it's because doing it right is pretty exhausting. I'm still looking for people willing to assist in coordinating events (A big thanks to Swoop who's already been helping). There's a thread in the forums (probably gethering dust by now) about it or you can start your own, but long story short the Hardcore series is coming to a close and I'd like to continue having events every Saturday but we're going to need ideas, commanders and coordinators. Looking forward to your forum posts!

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